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Hiring a local process server can increase your chances of a successful serve because they are familiar with the area. Knowing your process server understands the neighborhoods, communities, and state-specific laws in South Carolina provides peace of mind that your case will be upheld in a court of law. ServeNow’s network of local process servers is a great first step in getting your legal documents served because all of our process servers are pre-screened and verified to serve process.

South Carolina Process Service Laws

To be eligible to serve process in South Carolina, you do not need a license. You do, however, need to follow the state-specific laws to ensure your case can continue without delay. The laws vary from state to state, so it is important to hire a process server who is local to the case. Understanding state-specific laws is an essential part of your case, so talk to a local process server from ServeNow’s network to guarantee your legal documents are in the right hands.

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Advantages to Hiring a ServeNow Process Server

Local process servers are best fit to serve your papers successfully because they are familiar with the unique aspects of your community like the best times to serve, local laws, and where to find information on local courts. When your legal case requires service in South Carolina, be sure to hire a local server you can trust to treat your legal papers with integrity.

All of ServeNow’s local process servers are prescreened to verify eligibility to serve process in South Carolina.

Modern Technology for Process Servers

Evolving technology continues to provide benefits for process servers, and it is important that your process server can keep up with this, in order to provide better results for their business and clients. ServeManager, a process service software, offers an easy platform for GPS status updates and even invoicing. Be sure to ask your local process server if they have taken the opportunity to implement modern day technology into their business.

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